Tejas- the essence of power is symbolised by the Red Triangle.

Embedded within mythology, ‘Tejas’ has been developed from the concept of Fire ‘Agni’. Drawn from the inception of the oldest literature of India – The Rig Veda and Atharva Veda, Tejas was associated with sharpness. By the time of Upanishads, ‘Tejas’ set the stage for metaphorical transition, becoming the central creative principle of energy for all movement and action in the universe. Moving ahead to the epics, the connotations of ‘Tejas’ has also been found in Bhagavad Gita, where it signified the ever-changing energy passed on along the downward current of evolution.

Drawing metaphorical connotation from Tejas, we believe that communication forms the core essence of all movements and actions in the universe. It is like the ever-changing energy of Tejas which gets passed on from medium to another; forming the quintessential part of any company or brand.

The core of Lexicon Public Relations lies in building the right communication for your brand, where we form the words; leverage them from one medium to another and keep enhancing the image of your brand.